We are happy to announce that ZilicusPM 14.3 has been released recently. Project meeting participants can now access details by clicking meeting link received in an email and now more number of recently accessed projects are listed in Projects tab, also there are enhancement to user interface.

Let’s look at the details of some of these enhancements.

Improved User Interface: Refreshing Font, More White Spaces

ZilicusPM has got a refreshing look-n-feel, as we have updated font, whitespace making it more readable.    

New font will reflect in Menu, sub-menu options as well as workspace.

The space between rows has been increased, making it more readable.

Explore More Number of Recently Accessed Projects 

We received this feedback to increase number of recently accessed projects in Projects tab, hence you will be able to find upto fifteen (15) recently accessed projects in the list.

Note: You will continue to see upto five (5) recently accessed projects in the list on home screen. 

Emailing Link to Project Meeting

When a project meeting organizer creates meeting and invite people for the meeting, participants receive email notification. The email notification wil now provide an access to link to project meeting information. Users with ZilicusPM login and valid access to project meetings will be able to view details of project meeting such as Agenda, Minutes of Meting (MoM), Action Item, etc by clicking on the link.  

There are update to

  • There are changes to program (TLS 1.2 related APIs) of Payment processor for new as well as existing subscription upgrade. ZilicusPM system is now updated to support TLS 1.2
  • The underlying programming language platform that ZilicusPM system uses: JAVA, has been upgraded to newer version, though this upgrade imply no impact for users, all necessary changes are done by Zilicus for upgradation

Do Log on to ZilicusPM and start using new features introduced in project management software ZilicusPM 14.3

Do let us know your feedback, how best we can help you in managing projects more effectively.