We are happy to announce that ZilicusPM 14.2 has been released recently. Project managers and meeting organizers can now attach documents to project meetings; and project managers can as well approve multiple timesheet in a go.

Let’s look at the details of these enhancements.

Attaching Documents to Project Meeting Manager 

Project team member who would like to organize a project meeting can now attach a document to project meeting manager in ZilicusPM. Meeting organizer has an option to upload a meeting document or share a link to meeting document while inviting meeting participants. Once people invited for a meeting receives email notification, they will also be able to see that the document is referenced in a meeting. Of course, in order to view meeting details, access documents, they will have to access meetings manager by logging in to ZilicusPM.

Bulk Approval of Timesheet

For project managers who receive multiple timesheet entries every week they will have a quicker way to approve those at once. We have now enabled project manager to approve timesheet entries in bulk. There is a button project manager will be able to view in Timesheet tab > My Pending Approval section. User will have to select at least one timesheet entries (rows) in order to use the bulk approval feature.   

If team members receive document upload notification, they will be able to click on the link available in that email (highlighted below) to directly access that project document. 

Note: User should have permission to the project, document in order to access the project document.

Do Log on to ZilicusPM and start using new features introduced in project management software ZilicusPM 14.2

Do let us know your feedback, how best we can help you in managing projects more effectively.