We are happy to announce that ZilicusPM 14.1 has been released recently. Now ZilicusPM will enable project managers to view project Gantt chart on a single page (fit-to-page capability), access the direct link to uploaded project document, manually order  project custom fields.

Let’s look at the details of these enhancements.

Gantt Chart View- Zoom Level: Fit to Page 

Though it is not recommended to have 3-4 years project timeline in a single project. Better way to go about that is: to split the project into sub-projects. Customers who have such projects will be able to view Gantt chart on a single page (without having to scroll left-right). The button 'Fit within page width' is provided in Zoom In/Out drop-down menu. It may be noted that, it is possible user may not be able to specifically determine the timeline of one-day or such short duration tasks in such view.

Direct Link to Project Documents

ZilicusPM system now allows you to access a project document directly based on its URL. Now whenever project team members, project managers and customers upload project documents and if email configuration to receive document-upload-notification is enabled, team members will receive document upload notification and they will be able to click on the link available 

Project issue, risk, change request have detailed page showing more information about specific issues, risk, change request; Individual project document didn't have such detailed page in ZilicusPM. We have changed the product document information to allow users to access the project document directly.   

If team members receive document upload notification, they will be able to click on the link available in that email (highlighted below) to directly access that project document. 

Note: User should have permission to the project, document in order to access the project document.

Manually Set Order of Project Custom Fields 

ZilicusPM account administrators can rename the project custom fields to set specific order of the fields and those fields will be displayed in the ascending order in project details page.

Even while editing project custom field's value, project manager can see  those in the same order int he editing window.  Please see the screenshot below.

ZilicusPM also has timesheet report related enhancement to optimize the performance of loading of timesheet report. Additionally there were few minor enhancements and bug fixes included in this version as well.

Do Logon to ZilicusPM and start using new features introduced in project management software ZilicusPM 14.1

Do let us know your feedback, how best we can help you in managing projects more effectively.