Record, Track Project Scope, Project Requirements, Project Review

An experienced project manager will insist on clearly written down project charter, project scope, project requirements. Well documented project scope, requirements help project managers to plan projects more effectively. Now ZilicusPM enables project owners to document & record project artifacts like project charter, project scope for a given project.

A project owner will be able to add/update sections on this screen. The default sections available for project manager are Project Scope and Project Objectives

Additional Sections

Project owner can create new section such as project requirements, project brief, project business case or project review by providing section heading & description as shown below.

Use for project approval/review

The information provided in these sections is available even when the project is in planning phase. This helps project reviewer/approver to review the project scope, requirements, business case, etc in order to reject, approve, or ask for more information about the project.

Use for Project Review/Closure

Subsequently, these sections can be used to guide the project team to keep a tab on project scope, without deviating from the agreed scope/requirements and also provide/record project review/learning/closure comments so that the same can be used for future projects.

About Zilicus 

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