If you ever get into a situation “Well, I just received a request to change project scope, what should I do now?” Contrary to popular perception, one of the seasoned project management director said, "change request in itself, does not represent a challenge but how do one manage change request represent real challenge. How does one evaluate change request for its impact, resource/cost/schedule implication, benefits thereof - should be formally evaluated, rather than doing change management on ad hoc basis."

We are happy to announce release of ZilicusPM 13.0 that will enable project managers to record change requests from customers, team members or stakeholders and evaluate those change request in terms of impact and benefits; and accordingly get the project team/stakeholder/organization ready for the change.

Let’s look at how to manage change request using ZilicusPM.

Firstly Change Management module should be enabled in Admin screen (please refer Enable Change Management Module section below)

Create / Submit Project Change Request

Project team member can submit change request using Change Request section in project workspace > clicking on Add Change Request button.



Reviewing Project Change Request in ZilicusPM

Project manager can review a change request in terms of

· Impact

· Benefits

· Likely implementation date

· And accordingly approve or reject it.



Once a change request is approved/rejected, its corresponding details can be checked in the respective sections as shown below.



Benefits of change request


Change Request Reports

Project team can check various reports corresponding to change requests submitted in a given project as shown below.

Project Change Request Reports




Enable Change Management Module

To enable Change Request management module in ZilicusPM, please visit admin screen > Organization Settings > Configuration > Module Configuration > Select checkbox for Change Management.



Inter-Project Task Dependency

Yet there is more in the list beside change management. As you already know, ZilicusPM allows you to set up task-dependency across projects. ZilicusPM will highlight inter-project dependent tasks with a special marker/icon in Advance Schedule and Gantt view as shown below.

Do Logon to ZilicusPM and start using new features introduced in project management software ZilicusPM 13.0

Do let us know your feedback, how best we can help you in managing projects more effectively.