Project Portfolio Dashboard

This is one central place to know health of your portfolio of projects. Get Real time status of your project. ZilicusPM provides you - stylish and informative dashboard that you get a clear picture about progress you have made in your portfolio of project.


Project Portfolio Health

Navigate  Dashboard > Health

Each gauges horizontally, in this box presents health of a given project. The health in terms of timeline how far it is lagging behind or leading adhead of schedule, how far resources are utilized, how many issues are open as a percentage of total issues, what is aggregate risk exposure for a project. Portfolio manager can look at this box to understand health of all projects in his portfolio. 


Project Portfolio Timeline

Navigate  Dashboard > Time

This chart depicts how far each project in your portfolio is leading head of or lagging behind the schedule. It is calculated based on aggregate of percentage of tasks completed at a given moment against planned completion of tasks in given project. 


Project Portfolio Tasks

Navigate  Dashboard > Tasks

This chart shows how many tasks in each project in your portfolio are in ‘Not Started’, ‘In Progress’ and ‘Completed’ state. As portfolio manager hovers mouse over the bar charts, it shows the number. In one snapshot, you can see for each project how many tasks are in different state and you can focus on projects that need your push.

Project Portfolio Progress

Navigate  Dashboard > Progress

This chart shows reality of each project in your portfolio. It compares actual completion of project schedule against planned completion at a given time. Thus in one snapshot, you can see how each project is nearing completion or still there is a long way to go. 

Project Portfolio Resource Utilization

Navigate  Dashboard > Resource Utilization

This chart shows how resources are utilized in each project in your portfolio. The x-axis shows name of project and corresponding number on Y-axis shows % utilization of resources in given project. Hovering a mouse on each bar gives a number as shown below. 

Interactive Portfolio Dashboard

Users can use portfolio dashboard in more interactive manner. When portfolio manager sees that certain project has actual progress considerably lesser than that of planned one, and if he would like to know what, why, how details of such lag, he can simply click on the project bar/column to drill down further. Portfolio and project managers can click on individual chart like Time, Resources, Progress, Budget & Cost, except Health and can drill down further.

e.g. Clicking on 'Completed Tasks' for a given project shows list of completed task in the box. The tasks also are linked back to task details. 

Clicking on other charts like Resource, Time will take project manager to project specific dashboard. Whereas clicking on Progress will take him to project schedule and clicking on budget/cost chart will take him to project specific 'Budget & Cost View'