Add/Delete Customer

Navigate Home> Projects >Select Ongoing Project > Project Workspace >Project Overview > Customer Information

ZilicusPM enables you with an excellent mechanism to collaboration with your customers. Customers users invited to your projects ZilicusPM can view project health– dashboard, task progress in Gantt chart, issues raised by him/her. Project manager can also work with customer users and assign tasks to customer users so that they can update progress of tasks assigned to them.



You can add/Edit customer to your project as shown below.




  1. Enter Customer's Name
  2. Enter customer's address details & phone number
  3. Once customer is added, you can add people contacts of customer
  4. Click on Add Contact in the same page, as shown below.
  5. For the customer representatives, add details such as Name, Designation, Email Id, Contact number-mobile, office, etc


  1. You can invite customer representative to the project by clicking on 'Allow Project Access' link.


Note: Customer representative (contact person), if invited to the project, will receive login credentials & can view project schedule and issues but not Risks & Timesheet

  1. If you wish to revoke project access allowed to a given customer representative, you can click on 'Remove Project Access' link for that specific user's details box. With this action, the specific customer representative's will not be able to access your project.