We are happy to announce launch of the updated version ZilicusPM 10.2. The newest version provides better visibility into project portfolio status, allows you to view deeper into project schedule, budget/cost, resource utilization, etc using interactive/drill-down dashboard. It also provides simplest way for team members to view assigned tasks across all projects in one Kanban board page.

The features and enhancements introduced in the latest version of project management tool - ZilicusPM 10.2 are.

Enhanced Portfolio Dashboard and Project Dashboard

In 10.2 we have enhanced portfolio dashboard and project dashboard in terms of

1. Improved look and feel.

2. Better Performance - Minimum load time

[1]. Portfolio Dashboard

[2]. Project Dashboard

Interactive Portfolio Dashboard

Users can use portfolio dashboard in more interactive manner. When portfolio manager sees that certain project has actual progress considerably lesser than that of planned one, and if he would like to know what, why, how details of such lag, he can simply click on the project bar/column to drill down further. Portfolio and project managers can click on individual chart like Time, Resources, Progress, Budget & Cost, except Health and can drill down further.

e.g. Clicking on 'Completed Tasks' for a given project shows list of completed task in the box. The tasks also are linked back to task details. 

Clicking on other charts like Resource, Time will take project manager to project specific dashboard. Whereas clicking on Progress will take him to project schedule and clicking on budget/cost chart will take him to project specific 'Budget & Cost View'.

My Kanban Board

After introducing email based task progress updated, ZilicusPM is moving steps forward to make it easier for team members using Kanban board. Those familiar with agile methodology would have better understanding on Kanban boards. But even without knowing agile methodology in details, team members can use this feature to know assigned tasks across all project and move the task-card from To-Do -> Doing -> Done or either way.

Following screen shows My Kanban View


Updating tasks progress using My Kanban Board and clicking on a specific card.