Zilicus, project management software provider, launched its latest version ZilicusPM 10.0 to enable organizations to manage projects in different business situations.

The features and enhancements introduced in the latest version of project management tool - ZilicusPM 10.0 are.

Confidential Project

Sometimes it requires organization to keep project information confidential even within organization. This features will enable customers to plan and execute projects which are confidential in nature. The project will be taken out of radar from others stakeholders except project owner and team members. Project related artifacts e.g. resource load, timesheet and other reports will not appear for others. Please view following screenshots for more details.


If project visibility can be changed from confidential to normal again in future, if requires for an organization.


As mentioned earlier, the details corresponding to confidential projects will not be available to rest of the project manager or portfolio managers. However they can see certain information like resource assignment in aggregate number under a heading called 'Confidential Project'.

Kanban Board


We received feedback from various customers about having agile functionality (specifically Kanban boards). Please glance through following screenshot for more details.


Users can View/create new Cards

You will notice each card shows assignee (w/ photo), due date, duration, task comment bubble, attachment indicator.

Move cards from one state to another (drag-n-drop)


Edit card details

Users can change information for a given card by simply clicking on the card. One can change details like task name, description, start date, duration, view/add comments, view/add document attachment, add/update resources/assignee for a given card.

Though this features has been made available to selected customers (hence flagged as beta), we would like to hear your feedback and decide the future course of Kanban board.


Additional Reports & Enhancements

- Meeting Action Items across projects

Now a project manager can track action items from different meeting across projects. This report has been introduced as a standard report at portfolio level.

- Multi-selection of project status in custom reports

Custom reporting has been further enhanced so that Project managers can use multi-select option for filtering reports result based on project status

Any business to thrive,  needs right set of tools such as resourcing tool, erp tool, crm tool, proposal software, project management tool. Moreover your company needs a robust and reliable project management tool to track resources and perform better capacity planning. Do let us know your feedback, how best we can help you in managing projects more effectively.