ZilicusPM supports Secure Assertion Markup Language (SAML), which in turn allows you single sign-on (SSO) for ZilicusPM using enterprise identity providers such as Active Directory and LDAP.


Setting up SAML for Zilicus is a simple and straightforward process! ZilicusPM is integrated with OneLogin, SAML service provider to enable directory integration. Hence you will need Onelogin account for this purpose. To proceed to OneLogin configuration, your network administrator (or whoever responsible for managing active directory) will have to set up OneLogin account here.

Configuration in OneLogin

To begin the configuration process to enable the SAML connection between Zilicus and OneLogin, navigate to Settings > Security > SAML within OneLogin to download and copy the x.509 PEM certificate. Make sure to copy the certificate, excluding the BEGINNING and END CERTIFICATE.

Afterwards, proceed to Apps > Company Apps > Zilicus and proceed to the Configuration section. The only thing to do here is, under Application Details, input your Zilicus Account ID. When your page resembles the example below, select Save to confirm your settings.

Now navigate to the SSO tab, you’ll be copying the SAML HTTP Endpoint for insertion into Zilicus later. Navigate to the Parameters tab and set the Credentials to ‘Configured by admin’ and select a default User Fields value of email or something equivalent to email to use as Zilicus' credential. When you’re done, your page should resemble the one below, and select Save to confirm the configuration.

The typical use-case involved here assumes the user has the same User ID (email) in both Zilicus and OneLogin. If this is not the case, proceed to Apps > Company Apps > Zilicus, and navigate to the Logins tab. Once there, locate the user in question and select Edit, and notice that the User ID field is blank. This means that it is defaulting to the User ID, and the way to fix this is by inputting the correct user ID into the field and then selecting Update. This should fix the problem, but test this by logging into Zilicus as that user.

Configuration in ZilicusPM

Please navigate to Admin > Organization Settings > Configuration > Integration as depicted below. We will be inputting both the Security Certificate (OneLogin x509 Certificate) and OneLogin SAML Endpoint URL (OneLogin SAML 2.0 HTTP Endpoint). When correctly input, your page should resemble the example below.

With everything input into the configuration page, your settings should resemble the example page below and when you’ve finished, select Update to confirm everything.

At this point, Zilicus should be successfully configured for single sign-on through OneLogin, with you and your users having access to Zilicus through the dashboard portal.

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