Resource Load Report

This report gives tabulated information of availability and assigned duration for all users present in your organization as registered in ZilicusPM. This information is grouped for week's duration for a given date range.

Navigate Reports Tab > Look for Reports section in the left panel > Click on 'Resource Load’  word-link


1. As you click on the link stated above, box will open up that will ask you to select a date range between which you wish to view resource is loaded report


2. Select a date range & click Ok

3. A report will be displayed similar to above report. Find out how to read Resource load Report in subsequent section.

4. You can export this report into a PDF format file by clicking on 'Export to PDF' button (green colored) at the top-right side of the main workspace area.



One has options to view aggregate numbers for resource load chart as shown below. Project manager/resource manager can view how far a given resource (or set of resources) are occupied in given duration whether on daily basis or weekly basis or monthly basis.


Reading Resource Load Report


  • The leftmost column shows resource name and for each resource, in turn it shows project he is part of and for each of these project, this report shows, task to which this resource is assigned.
  • The second column shows total number of hours against each task for all days, total hours against given project, total hours against given resource for the selected duration
  • Subsequent column shows dates for months that shows how far a given resource is occupied/allocated per day.
  • There is also a colour convention followed to indicate – whether given resource is imder-allocated (green), optimally allocated (blue) or over-allocated (red).

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