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Sometimes a project manager may want to evaluate the cost-benefit opportunity before taking up a new project i.e. to create a project that need NOT be kicked-off immediately. S/he would just like to check what will be duration of project, how will project schedule look like, how much will it cost, whether all required resources are available, who can be included, what will be their workload, etc. The project status “Planning/Draft” in ZilicusPM while creating project will precisely assist project managers with these purposes.

Project owner can always change project status from ‘Planning/Draft’ to ‘In Progress’. Once project status is changed in such manner, the tasks will be assigned to team members, they will receive email notification, task assignment will get visible into their ‘Pending/Upcoming’ tasks lists. Once project status is changed to ‘In Progress’ it can be tracked in dashboard and reports.

However the project status cannot be changed from ‘In Progress’ to ‘Planning/Draft’ state.



Important Note



Project created with status as ‘Planning/Draft’ remains accessible exclusively to project owner It is not a real project. Project owner can even allocate budget for planning purpose, allocate resource, create a project schedule, assign resources, set resource cost rate and billing rate, etc. Essentially, one can make a project assessment in terms of what duration it may take to deliver a new project, which all resource are available, what could be their allocation; what will be cost and billing implication of taking up this project etc.

Project managers should note that the resource assigned in this project are not really assigned, these are assignment done just for drafting/assessment purpose i.e. team members will not receive email when tasks are assigned to them, neither they will be able to access project workspace. Also, this project will *not* be shown up in portfolio reports and dashboard.


Project status as ‘On-Hold’, ‘Cancelled’

There are situations, where organization need to put an ongoing project on-hold, and project manager may want to resume working on it later. For such situations, the resource working on such project are supposed to be released for other projects. ZilicusPM allows project managers to put project On-Hold, as well as to cancel it all together. Following screenshot shows how one can change project status.



Figure 2: Changing Project Status in ZilicusPM

Once project status is changed to ‘On-hold’, or ‘Cancelled’, it remains accessible to project manager along however the resource allocated in such project for non-completed task are released, so that they can be utilized in other projects. The projects can be found in ‘Projects’ tab, with specific listing as shown in the image below.


Figure 2: % Project Listing Based on Project Status

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