Once your Administrator has invited all your team members to ZilicusPM, you can easily involve them to collaborate & get things done in your project.

View List of Projects

Navigate Home> Projects>

As one click on the Projects tab, “Project Listing” can be seen in left hand side panel. User can select desired list of projects you wish to see. The listing is organized based on status of project like “Planning/ Draft”, “Ongoing Projects”, “On Hold Projects”, “Cancelled Projects”, “Completed Projects” and at the top list of recently accessed five project.

There is additional listing available to show ‘All Projects’ accessible to a given user.


Projects listing in grid view

From above screen, user view set of projects in ‘Grid-View’ or using ‘Tiles-View’. The grid view will also show custom fields and their values which can be sorted for order.





Saving Preferred View

Users will also have an option to preserve their preferred view setting so that next time when he/she will login, the preferred view (Grid or Tiles) will be displayed.



Organize project listing: View list of projects grouped by project manager, portfolio

Now project manager, team members can organize project listing in better way. They can see project grouped by project owners or portfolio. Interestingly, if you have list type of custom field, you can also view group-by view for the values of such custom field.

 Organize Project Listing Group By Project Owner

About Zilicus

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