Calendar Settings

Navigate Admin > Organization Settings in left panel > Configuration > Calendar Settings 

ZilicusPM provides its users to set calendar days, set organization holidays. The following screen shows how to set organization’s weekly working calendar days.


Next, users can set organization holidays through this setting as shown below. One will also notice that you can navigate through each month and figure out in adjacent calendar, when exactly the holiday will occur. Users can also see the list of holidays occurring in a given year *current* in the right side of the panel/window. Following screen shows how to add new holiday for organization. Click on Update button to save all changes in calendar.

Note: When holiday is added in this configuration, it will reflect into calculation of resource availability, utilization, load, among other factors. Essentially, holidays are considered and tasks cannot be scheduled on holidays, just the way tasks are not scheduled on weekends.



Starting day of a week

Navigate Admin > Organization Settings in left panel > Configuration > Calendar Settings 

Since customers in different countries have different days as start of a working week e.g. for United States, Sunday is start of a week whereas for many European countries, Monday is considered start of a week. ZilicusPM allows users to configure starting day of a working week for their organization. This preference is significant for European customers as it reflects working week while submitting timesheet entries as well as in project schedule i.e. Gantt chart view.

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Configure Start of a Week