Email Settings

Navigate Admin > Organization Settings in left panel > Configuration > Email Settings 

ZilicusPM provides you many email settings using which you can set preferred frequency and events for which you would like your colleagues to receive emails regarding project artifacts like task assignment, completion; issue assignment, completion; risks, document upload, discussion posts, task comments, etc.


1. Task Related Emails

1. Task Assignment

2. Task Due Date Reminder

3. Task Status Change


2. Issues Related Emails

1. Issue Assignment

2. Issue Due Date Reminder

3. Issue Resolution


3. Risk Related Emails

1. Risk Assignment

2. Risk Due Date Reminder


4. Other Emails

1. Email notification for New discussion/ New discussion post added

2. Email notification for New document uploaded

3. Email notification for task comment/note added


Note: Most of these email preferences are self-explanatory. Users can try out specific preferences and see how best it works for their organization.