Add/Delete custom Fields for Project Details

Navigate Admin>Customization>Project


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What is “Custom Field for Project”?

It is an user created field, in addition to default & system provided fields. e.g. Apart from default system fields such as Project Start Date, Project Name, etc; if your organization wants to have “Release” as a custom field, you can create it through Admin Tab. These custom fields for project will appear in Project Details Page. (Workspace> Select Project>Overview> Project Details> Project Custom Fields)


1. As you navigate through Admin Tab to Customize field for Project, you will find following page:

2. As you will see, you add upto five (5) custom fields to projects information. These fields can be enabled or disables as illustrated below.

3. To Add custom Field for Project Information click on 'Add Custom Field' button on top-right of the Admin Workspace.

4. As you cilck on it, it will pop-up a Add Custom Field box as depicted below

5. In the top section of 'Add Custom Field' box, type in

1. Name of custom field

2. Type of custom field (more about Type below)

6. You can tick through the checkbox whether to enable or disable the custom field being created.

7. If you enable the field, it will be shown in Project details page, as well as the create project menu. If you do not enable this field, it will not be shown to any user.



8. The bottom section of 'Add Custom Field' will change according to the type of custom field selected.


Additional Note



What is the “Type of Custom Field”?

With ZilicusPM, you can create four types of custom fields as follows

  1. Text
  2. Number
  3. Date
  4. Pickup List


  1. If you select type as 'Text', you can specify the limit on the length of the text field. The default value for length will be nine hundred and fifty (950) characters.
  2. If you select type as 'Number', you can specify how many decimal places to be displayed, what minimum & maximum values are acceptable for a given field.

e.g. If you name

Name of custom field          : 'Administration Budget in 


Type of Custom Field          : Number

Number of decimal places    : two (2)

Minimum Value                  : 200

Maximum Value : 10000

The values you can enter will be within the range of 200<=X<=10000 & X can be 1570.20

  1. If you select custom field type as 'Date', you do not need to specify any additional validation. Simply specify name of the field & enable it, you are ready to enter date values.



  1. If you select custom field type as 'Pickup List', you need to enter “Pick List Values:” as illustrated in the note given below.

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