View Users

 Navigate  Admin>User Setup>Users>Group By

  1. To view all the users in your organization grouped by ‘Job Title’ or ‘Reporting To’, click on one of these following buttons (viz. Job Title, Reporting). 
  1. As you click on one of these buttons, all users information will get organized & will be listed grouped by a selected type. Following image shows, if user information is grouped by Reporting To.



Note 1: If user does not have reporting/ job title, it will be grouped under none category.

Note 2: The Grouped by view is available only for ‘Grid’ view and not for ‘Tile’ or ‘Hierarchy’ view. 

Delete/Disable User

Navigate Admin>User Setup>Users>Select User>Disable

  1. To disable existing user's details, select a user & locate a Disable button in Users box at the top of workspace within Admin page as shown below.


  1. As you click on Disable button, a Delete User box will appear as follows
  2. The confirmation box reads – If user has not done any work in any project, he will be deleted straight way. Else, he cannot be deleted unless his association with tasks, timesheet, issues, risks is removed.

Also note that, the confirmation box asks for Replacement Reports To, as below

What it means is, if current users has any resource(s) reporting to him/her, they should be realigned to report somebody else rather than being isolated in the organization.

  1. As you type in the 'Replacement Reports To', list of organization users will appear in the list. You can select any one name from the list and once you select it & click on Yes, the user will be disabled & his sub-ordinates will report to now selected User.

Additional Note



What is the difference between 'Disable User' & 'Delete User'?

A: If a user to be deleted has no task assigned and no issue or risk assigned and if he has not entered any entry in timesheet, he can be deleted from ZilicusPM, if you click on Disable user. Else if the user has some or other assignments as stated above, he will be disabled & he will no longer be able to login to ZilicusPM.

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