Resource Skillset, Resource Roles

Users can identify resource in your organization resource pool with their role and skills. ZilicusPM lets you configure distinct role and multiple skillset for a given resource.

Define Resource Skillset

But before administrator can associate given job role or skillset with a given resource, it needs to define these skillset and job roles. The screenshots below explains how to define new skillset & Job Role or modify existing ones.

Define Resource Roles

The screenshots below explains how to define new Job Role or modify existing ones.

Set Cost, Billing Rate for Resource Roles

Instead of configuring cost rate, billing rate for each resources/user in admin screen, organization can user Role level cost rate and billing rates. The screenshots below explains how admin can set cost, overtime and billing rate per hour for a given Job Role. Click on Save button to save these rates Setting such cost and billing rates at Resource Role level is easier to manage than adding/updating individual resource rate in Admin screen. 

Note: If individual resource rates are set to non-zero numbers in Admin screen, individual resource rate will have precedence over Job Role rates. That means, even though that resource/user is associated with a Job Role in Zilicus and that Job Role is configured to have certain cost rate, billing rate; and if resource global rate is non zero (either of cost, billing or overtime rate), that individual resource rate will be prompted as default rate when a given user is added to new project team.