Generic (Virtual) Resource

Navigate  Admin>User Setup>Generic Resources>Add New Resource

To add new user to ZilicusPM, click on Add Generic Resource button in Generic Resources box at the top of workspace within Admin page as shown below. You can also set its cost and billing rates in the same window.



What is Generic Resource

Typically, when a project manager is creating project schedule, he/she may not have clear idea – exactly who is going to work on a given task. Roughly PM knows what all work a given task involves, what skillset is required and kind of resource can work on a given task, how far that resource will be assigned work.

ZilicusPM addresses this concern. User can add Generic Resources (like Architect, Creative Designer or Electrician, etc.) to projects. These resources can have cost rate, billing rate, resource load etc. Project manager can keep assigning tasks to generic resource and knows what will be overall duration of project (schedule), estimated cost of the project etc. When the project is actually kicked off, and resources are identified, project manager can replace generic resource with actual (real) resource.

Looking at the resource load chart and task assigned to generic resource, project manager can judiciously assign tasks to appropriate real resources, based on real resources’ availability. The resource load report can also help project manager/resource manager to decide whether current resources are enough to carry out project or he/she need to hire more resources for upcoming/prospective projects.