Project Variance Report

This report gives tabulated information of variance for all projects (as per access granted to the signed in user). The variance is expressed for first level of Summary Task (Task Group). It is expressed in terms of – When a given summary task (Task Group) was to start, when it actually got started, what was planned & actual end date, What were the planned & actual effots, what was the planned & actual duration for each of these. It gives difference in actual and planned entities too.

Navigate Reports Tab > Look for Reports section in the left panel > Click on 'Project Variance' word-link

1. As you click on the link stated above, a report will open in the main workspace area

2. This report gives status of the projects to which you are a project manager or portfolio manager

3. How this report is organized, is illustrated in following section.

4. You can export this report into a PDF format file by clicking on 'Export to PDF' button (green coloured) at the top-right side of the main workspace area.


Reading Project Variance Report


  • The heading of the report will always be 'Name of the Organization' (Sticky Heading)
  • The second level heading is of a Project as 'Project Variance for : #ProjectName As of today's date' (Sticky Heading)
  • The next information you will see is a table detailing summary tasks (Task Group).

 Summary Task Name

 Start Date (actual, planned & difference)

 End Date (actual, planned & difference)

 Efforts (actual, planned & difference)

 Duration (actual, planned & difference)

  • If there is no value available for calculation (e.g. None of the tasks inside a Summary Task/Task Group has actually started), corresponding entry will be displayed as NA.
  • The Start Date for summary task (Task Group) is the Start Date of a task with earliest start date
  • The End Date for summary task (Task Group) is the Due Date of a task with farthest Due date
  • The Efforts for summary task is simple sum of efforts of individual leaf level tasks inside it
  • The Duration for summary task is simple difference of planned/actual Start Date of a task with earliest start date and respective planned/actual Due date of a task with farthest Due date

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