View Expenses for submitted entries

Navigate  Expenses > Look for My Expenses Sheet section in the left panel > Click on 'Submitted for approval' word-link 

1. As you click on Submitted For Approval button as mentioned above, you can check your expenses sheet that are submitted by you for approval of (possibly) different project owners.

2. The report is organized as follows

    • The report will be shown till the latest date and time
    • The first column shows Expense submitted date
    • Description of expense sheet
    • Billable hours per sheet are displayed
    • Reimbursable amount per sheet are displayed
    • Total of billable & non-billable hours pe week are shown

3. For each of the column above, you can sort and reorder by clicking on the column heading

4. If you click on View link (In the second column of the table) corresponding to a given description of expense sheet, a builtin in window for expense sheet submitted for approval will open.