ZilicusPM lets user you record manage their time off/ leaves. Users can apply for leave as shown in the screenshot below. When leave application is submitted, the “Reporting To” manager reviews the same and take a decision whether to approve or reject it.

Apply for Leave

Navigate Timesheet> Look for “My Leaves/ TimeOff” section in left side panel > Click on “Un-Submitted link > In the right side workspace window Click on 'Add Timeoff” button

Your project team members can apply for leaves in ZilicusPM and leaves will be processed in ZilicusPM. The reporting manager for him/her can approve or reject its application.

Once leave is approved, respective resource availability, load/utilization gets affected for the duration of leave. Employee can apply for even half a day leave.

ZilicusPM has provided most commonly used types of time-off/leaves such as Personal Leave, Sick Leave. Your account administrator can add/modify types of timeOff.