Navigate Timesheet> Select a week in a left panel, by clicking on desired date > View in the main workspace area > Click on 'Add Project/ Task' button

Click on Add Project/Activity to select desired project task/ issue/ risk or ad hoc item. By default, it ZilicusPM will show project tasks which are scheduled (planned) in current week. You can select these activities or if team member wants to select other project activities, s/he can select desired project and then select task/ issues/ risks or ad hoc item.


1. You can see status of your timesheet entry at the top-left corner of the main workspace area – It can be 'Not Submitted' or 'Submitted'.

2. As you click on the 'Add Project/ Task' button, you will see a 'Add Project/Task To Timesheet' box.

3. In the Projects field select or type project to which you wish to add entry. You can either click on the drop down list or type the project name, either way, you will be able to see Project Name. Select desired project

     If project status is changed to "Cancelled"/"On Hold", you will NOT find that project in the list of projects here.  

4. In the selected project, all tasks assigned to you will be listed in the same box. Click through the checkbox for desired task(s). Note: You can select multiple tasks to add timesheet entries

5. Click on Add to proceed

6. You will see list of projects & tasks as shown above

7. For a given timesheet entry, select whether the task is billable or non-billable (default is billable)

8. Click on the cell - for a given task and for a given date. You can enter number of hours and add comment corresponding to it


Similarly, one can add issues and risks from same project for timesheet submission. Timesheet can also be submitted against ad hoc items as well.

9. That's it, your entry is added

10.  Now, you can either choose to save these timesheet entries (as a draft) or submit to system.

Note: Team members can NOT enter time against projects with status "Cancelled", "On Hold". Team members do not have access to projects with status "Planning/Draft", so they can NOT submit time against such projects as well.

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