Timesheet Management

Timesheet tracker helps you to record your time spent on project & non-project activities. You can record time spent in hours per day in any given week. Project manager can view the timesheet report and perform/analyze billing calculation, team productivity, etc.

You will notice, in ZilicusPM, the timesheet module is outside project workspace. This approach makes it easy for team members to log time for all projects and they do not need to open individual project workspace.

In order to make really simple for users to enter timesheet against project tasks, ZilicusPM  pre-populates timesheet entries for tasks scheduled in current week across multiple projects.

Add Timesheet Activites for Tasks Scheduled This Week


Of course, beside these tasks scheduled in current week, users can include other tasks, issues, risks and ad-hoc activities, as explained below.

Note: Team members can NOT enter time against projects with status "Cancelled", "On Hold". Team members do not have access to projects with status "Planning/Draft", so they can NOT submit time against such projects as well.

About Zilicus

Zilicus offers the best project portfolio management tool ZilicusPM, with robust project management tools capabilities and easy ways to track project management KPIproject dashboard, etc.

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