Documents Management

ZilicusPM lets you organize your project files, online. You can create online folder, upload project files, download, share, delete, make different copies of those and various other ways to organize profile documents.

Create Web-Folders

Navigate  Projects> Select a Project > Click on 'Go To Workspace' link > Project Workspace > Documents bar in left panel > Click on 'Add Folder' Icon in the same panel

1. As you click on Add Folder icon, adjacent to it, a 'Add Folder' box is shown as follows

2. Provide the Folder Name and click on Save

3. If you are a Project Manager, you can create a confidential folder to store sensitive information. This folder and contents inside it, will be visible to only to you

4. If you want to add a new folder under already created folder, you just have to select an existing folder and click on the 'Add Folder' icon & follow the same process as above