Issue is a problem encountered while executing a project. Issue is referred by different terms by different industries e.g. it can be incident in manufacturing, in software it is called bug, for services industry the problem is termed as ticket.

To keep it consistent, ZilicusPM users a term ‘Issue’ which is a generic term understood by many industry practices. Zilicus Issue Tracker is a powerful issue tracking tool. It provides you with a robust issue lifecycle/ workflow that lets you manage issues through its various stages.

Submit Issue

Navigate  Projects> Select Project > Click on 'Go To Workspace' link > Project Workspace > Issue bar in left panel > Click on 'Add New Issue' in the same panel

1. As you click on 'Add New Issue' as said above, you will see a 'Add New Issue' box in the workspace area as shown below

2. You can enter following details

    • Short Summary (* Mandatory)
    • Description (Optional)
    • Priority (* Mandatory) – Available as a drop down
    • Assigned To (* Mandatory) – available as a drop down
    • Any custom field added (Optional)

3. Once you provide necessary details, to save the issue click on Save button

4. You will be taken to 'My Active Issue' tab


Additional Note


Once you successfully add issue, based on the priority of the issue, the row of a given issue will get colored background. e.g. If a given issue has High Priority, the row corresponding to this issue will have red background; if issue has Medium priority, corresponding row will appear in light-pink color; whereas low priority issues will appear in light-green color. Normal Issues will apear in pale-yellow color background.


Create Issue Using Email

The easiest way for project team members and project customers is to send email to Zilicus at a specified email id, as shown below.

Each project details page has unique id mentioned, as highlighted below.



User simply need to send email to project specific “Issue Reporting Email Id’ to create an issue. ZilicusPM will automatically process this email and create project issue. The subject of the email translates into ‘Issue Summary’, the body of email translates into ‘Issue Description’ and email attachment becomes ‘Issue Attachment’.

The issues created via email are automatically assigned to project manager for further delegation. The issue creator and project manager will receive email when issue is created successfully. In case of error, the issue reporter will receive notification about the failure.

The common reasons for failure of creation of issue over email –

  1. Issue creator’s originating email id is not same as of his email id registered in ZilicusPM (i.e. alias name will not work)
  2. The email id specified is not correct. One need to be part of project team or be customer of a given project to be able to create issue over email.

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