Project Cost Report

Track aggregate project cost for all tasks

Navigate Project > Workspace > ‘Task’ tab in left panel > ‘Budget and Cost View’

ZilicusPM provides a separate report to aggregate project cost incurred for all tasks. The financial information is presented in similar manner as it is available at a task level.

One will notice, this view shows task list similar to those available along Gantt chart and thus this view is financial view for project task list and another one is for schedule



The columns in this report corresponds to elements of estimated cost and actual cost such as

Estimated Cost:

Esti Fixed cost: Estimated Fixed cost

Esti Resource cost: Estimated Resource cost

Esti Other cost: Estimated Fixed cost

Actual Cost:

Act. Fixed Cost: Actual Fixed Cost

Act. Resource cost: Actual Resource cost

Act. Expenses : Actual Expenses

Earned Value at Task Level (based on estimated cost rather than budget since there is no budget defined at task level)

ECWS: Estimated Cost of Work Scheduled (similar to BCWS except instead of budget, estimated cost at task level is referred)

ECWP: Estimated Cost of Work Performed (similar to BCWP except instead of budget, estimated cost at task level is referred)

SPI: Scheduled Performance Index

CPI: Cost Performance Index

For more information regarding earned value management, refer this article.

This report can be exported to excel spread sheet as follows

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