Interactive Gantt

ZilicusPM lets you manage project schedule like a spread sheet with interface with drag-drop features to manage duration, dependency, etc.

As user clicks on Interactive Gantt button, application window opens as follows

Creation of project schedule is really very quick with Interactive Gantt chart. The all options available to user in managing project schedule in normal way are also available in Interactive Gantt chart functionality. Since it is an interactive feature, functionality is illustrated in limited fashion. Note: Users can refer to this video (Youtube; audio background music) for how to use interactive Gantt chart as a part of task management functionality.

Link: for interactive Gantt chart specifics, user can directly jump from duration 04:10 onward.

Create Tasks

Navigate  Project workspace > Task Panel in left side > Task Schedule > Interactive Gantt > Create Task in left panel

One can create tasks in Interactive Gantt just like one would keen entering one cell after another in excel spread sheet. If project manager presses ‘Enter’ key on keyboard, task is created and he/she is positioned to task cell below wherein he/she can enter/edit task name. If user presses ‘Tab’ key on keyboard while task name is selected, cursor is positioned to cell in next column (i.e. Duration).

Indent Tasks (Child Task)

Navigate  Project workspace > Task Panel in left side > Task Schedule > Interactive Gantt > Indent Task in left panel

To create child task under a given task (i.e. to make existing task as summary task), this button can be pressed.


One can also use keyboard shortcut to indent/ outdent tasks (Ctrl + Left arrow: to indent and Ctrl + Right arrow: to outdent task)

Assign Task to Resource

Navigate  Project workspace > Task Panel in left side > Task Schedule > Select Desired Task > Resources > Add/Update Resource

A project managers can quickly assign tasks to resources based on their role or skillset.



Check resource load

Project manager/planner can assess resource load before assigning task to him/her as follows. By clicking on check shows current and potential workload.

Move Tasks Schedule

Navigate  Project workspace > Task Panel in left side > Task Schedule > Interactive Gantt

Project manager can use mouse in Interactive Gantt to move task along horizontal line to change its schedule (start date, due date as well as duration). One can place mouse on Task bar (in Gantt chart/graphical section) This cursor image will be shown above task bar   and holding right click button of mouse you can move the task to desired date and then drop it. Corresponding schedule checks (for dependency) and schedule cascaded effect (again because of dependencies) will get reflected.

Thus you can drag and drop task bar to left/right (the way we move folders in windows explorer).

In similar fashion, it can be noticed that at the start of task bar or end of the task bar, as you place mouse, you will see this cursor image  extend or reduce task duration or change task start date or due date interactively.

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