Import/Export Project Schedule (MS Project)

Navigate Projects> Select Project > Workspace > Tasks tab in left panel > Advance Schedule & Gantt > Menu available in the top of main workspace > Import/ Export button


You will be able to view following menu in Task Schedule window.

As you click on the Import/Export button shown above, you will be able to view three options as shown below.


  •  Import from MS Project (Only xml file format is supported)

o  In case user is re-importing a schedule, existing tasks will NOT be updated. Tasks from MS Project file will be appended to existing schedule. Also if there are timesheet entries submitted against any given tasks which has been deleted in newer MS Project file, such tasks will not be deleted. Project owner will be able to view such error message on screen.

  •  Export to MS Project (exported to xml file format compatible to MS Project)
  •  Export task schedule to Excel (spreasheet data for task schedule)

Import Microsoft Project Plan with Resources

Using ZilicusPM, project owners/planners while importing project plan can specify resource mapping. Following two screens show how to import MS Project plan in ZilicusPM and map Resources-in-MS-Project-Plan with Project-Resources-In-ZilicusPM software. If user chooses to map resources, this feature will ensure that all activities assigned to a resource specified in MS Project plan will have same activities assigned to mapped resources from project team in ZilicusPM.

While importing MS Project plan in ZilicusPM, user will see a confirmation screen whether to append tasks from MS Project to existing project schedule in ZilicusPM or skip import. Also an user will be shown message whether to map resources or continue-to-import resources without mapping.

About Zilicus 

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