Gantt Chart:

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What is Gantt Chart?

A Gantt chart is a visual representation fo project schedule with the help of bar chart, It is developed by Mr. Henry Gantt. Gantt charts depicts the start and finish dates of project activities. Project activities can include Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) or individual tasks. Gantt charts also show the dependency relationships among tasks. Gantt charts can be used to show current schedule status of project through colored bards for respective project activities.


View Gantt Chart

Navigate Projects> Select Project > Workspace > Tasks tab in left panel > View right side of the workspace

For each project tasks, you can see: its durations, start date, due date, dependency on other task, which resource it is assigned to and other such details, through Gantt Chart - at one go!

Note: To make Gantt chart visible with more space, you can minimize the Task Details page by clicking on a show/Hide button in right. You will notice the box is hidden in above screen.

Delete Task / Milestone 

You can delete Task in your project as follows:

Navigate Projects> Select Project > Workspace > Tasks tab in left panel > Select Task in Task List Panel > Delete Task button at top-right corner of workspace

1. As you select a given task & click on Delete Task button shown below, you can delete task

2. However, there are certain validations performed before deleting a task as follows

  • Against a given task, if timesheet entries are recorded/ approved, it cannot be deleted. If you anyway wish to delete the task, you need to remove timesheet entries against it

  • If any other task is dependent on a given task, it cannot be deleted. If you wish to delete current task anyway, you can remove the dependency & then delete it

  • If a given task is dependent on some other task(s) or it has resources assigned, a warning message will be shown to inform you. Since, it is just a warning message to make your better informed; you can delete the task by confirming & clicking on 'Yes' button.

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