Add/Remove Task Resources

Once task duration and logical dependencies are established, the next step is to assign a given task to team members.

Navigate Projects> Select Project > Workspace > Tasks tab in left panel > Select a Task in Task List Panel > Click on 'Resources' tab in the lower panel in the workspace > Click on 'Add Resource' link at the bottom

Let’s see how resources assigned to task – look like. You can assign a given task to multiple resources. ZilicusPM allows you to check resource availability before assigning tasks to them. One can also remove resource assignment to task.


1. As you click on Add Resources in the lower most panel, 'Add Resources' box will be displayed. You can tick through the resource(s) listed.


2. Project manager can check resource load before assigning task to him/her. It really gives a what-if way of knowing resource load before and after task assignment (without actually assigning task to him). User need to click on ‘Check’ link shown in the ‘Add Resource’ box

Note: once you assign a task to a given team member, an automatic email will be sent to him notifying assignment of task. And when a given team member will be able to see it in ZilicusPM my home page.

3. And click on Save button. Now, the task is assigned to selected resource.

Note: If you are unable to view resources in the list, it means given resource is not added as team member to current project. However you can invite him/her while assigning task as follows.

Assign Task to Customer

4. Note: you can assign task to customers also by check through the box shown below

Note: When task is assigned to customer users, it is not assigned to specific customer user rather; hence every customer user who has been invited to ZilicusPM will be able to view task in his home page and he/she would be able to update it.

Note: In the task list column 'Resources' shows all team members assigned to the task with a ticked check box.

Astute Control over Efforts Assignment to Resources for Project Tasks


Percentage Allocation of Resource for Task

ZilicusPM offers you a very unique capability to manage task assignment to resources in very refined manner. Very few project management software allow you to define percentage allocation of resource at a task level. ZilicusPM lets you specify how much percentage of the resource time, you would like to allocate to a given task’s duration.

Figure 5: % Resource Allocation at Task Level


Once you assign task to resources, you can see what is current load (because of current task assignment) and what total load for is given resource for each day across all projects.


Resource Workload Assignment

For advance users and especially in case of services and consulting organization (where resources are working on multiple projects simultaneously), ZilicusPM provides truly unique capability to allocate efforts for each resource for each day of the task.


It is really useful in case, where a given resource may be occupied on some days and it is available in discrete quantum for the duration of a given task. Project manager can look at resources’ load across all projects each day and accordingly specify work allocation per day for a given task.

 Figure 6: Task Assignment, Resource Workload



Figure 7: Refined Daywise Work Assignment

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