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Milestone is an important and significant event in the project schedule. It is important from customer point of view, project delivery point of view. Essentially it’s just another task that is distinctly marked as milestone and distinguished by diamond sign in project schedule as shown below.

Additional Note


What is Milestone?

A milestoneis a significant activity in project planning & execution that receives special attention. It is generally pinned the end of a task/activity to check the completion of a phase.

A milestone is considered as a signal of completion of a key deliverable but it may also, signify an important decision to be made that may decide future course of project. (Ref: Wiki)


Navigate Projects> Select Project > Workspace > Tasks tab in left panel > Add Task in Task List Panel

 As you click on Add Task in the top-right corner of the workspace, the 'Add Task' section will appear on left side of the workspace

2. You can select parent Group name from the drop down list, to which current task will belong.

3. Enter the task name (*mandatory)

4. Enter the task Start Date (*mandatory)

5. Enter the Task Priority (*mandatory)

6. Enter the Estimated Efforts for a given task (optional). The default value will be taken as eight (8) hours.

7. Enter Task Description (optional)

8. Next, you will have to select is a radio button which essentially ask you to select either Task Duration (in number of days) or Scheduled Due Date (Date)

9. The next field depends on what you select in above radio button. If you select Duration (in number of days), you will have to enter number of days it will take to complete the task; else if you select Scheduled Due Date, you will have to provide a date to indicate due date.

Note: The default value for Duration (if selected) will be one (1) day.

10. Click through the checkbox - 'Milestone Task' to make the current task as a milestone task

11. If you wish to add only one task for the moment, you can click on “Save and Close”.

12. If you wish to add more tasks, you can click on “Save and Add New” button.

13. If you wish to cancel/discard addition of current task, click on “Cancel/Close” button.

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