Navigate  Projects > Select Project > Workspace > Tasks Bar in left panel> Project Schedule > Add Task

As project owner lands in project schedule page, he/she is prompted to create first task in the project as shown in the image above.


More about creating task

As you enter task details, you will have to enter

  • Task name (mandatory)
  •  Parent task (mandatory, default value is shown)
  •  Task description (optional)
  •  Task start date (mandatory)
  •  Option to select either Task Duration (in days) or Task Due date. Depending on the value selected by user, the box below will show applicable values (i.e. if duration is selected, one can enter number of days)
  •  Milestone Task (optional)
  •  Task Priority (Mandatory)
  •  Task estimation type (fixed work or fixed duration)
  •  Optional cost details at task level like fixed cost and other cost
  •  If you wish to add only one task for the moment, you can click on “Save and Close”.
  •  If you wish to add more tasks, you can click on “Save and Add New” button.
  •  If you wish to cancel/discard addition of current task, you can click on “Cancel/Close” button.

Once task is added, its details will appear as follows

Project manager/planner, in the beginning creates WBS – list of higher level deliverable. So it would look like list of tasks as follows

· Task A ,  Task B ,  Task C, etc.

Once these higher level tasks are broken down to finer level of tasks – these will be like

· Task A

o Task A1 (2 days)

o Task A2 (5 days)

o Task A3 (8 days)

· Task B

o Task B1 (2 days)

o Task B2 (3 days)

· Task C

o Task C1 (4 days)

o Task C2 (5 days)

o Task C3 (3 days) and so on.

In such cases, Task A’, ‘Task B’ and ‘Task C’ are termed as summary level tasks or parent task of respective child tasks (like Task A1, Task A2, Task A3, etc.). Using ZilicusPM, summary tasks are created in similar fashion as of MS Project i.e. while adding Task A1, project manager has to select Task A as its parent so that, task (Task A) becomes summary tasks (or task group) which will in turn contain other tasks like A2, A3. In the image above project manager has created summary tasks such as ‘User Requirement Analysis’, ‘Solution Design’, etc.

Note: Recently ‘Task Add/ Delete’ menu has been re-organized and put into one drop-down button ‘Task’ as shown below.


Once a task is added to project schedule, you can tweak specific details of the task without having to edit entire dataset. Here is how one can do that

Adding Recurring Tasks to Project Schedule

The online project management software ZilicusPM introduced a quickest way to create periodically recurring tasks to project plan. A project manager can create recurring project tasks in following fashion :

  1. Daily Project Tasks Recurrence
  2. Weekly Project Tasks Recurrence
  3. Monthly Project Tasks Recurrence

A screenshots below shows how a project manager can create recurring project tasks.

Menu Add Recurring Project Tasks in ZilicusPM


Change Parent Task

Change Task Schedule

Change Task Status

Change Task Other Details

View More Task Status

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