Create Minutes of Meeting (MoM)

Once meeting is conducted, either meeting organizer or project manager can create minutes of meeting for given project meeting. Following screens show how to create MoM.



Step 1: Updating actual meeting attendees

There can be instances wherein project meetings may be attended by other people than those who were invited or invitees might not have attended meeting. The screen below shows, how to add new attendees or remove invitees.

Step 2: Record MoM: The next step is to record minutes of meeting held through ZilicusPM.

Create Action Items

Step 3: Create Action Items

In this step, meeting organizer can add action items as discussed through meeting to keep track of those. As one can notice, organizer can enter action item details – name, assignee, due date.



Following page shows how meeting organizer can track action items for each project meeting he/she organizes. Project manager by default is able to track project meeting – action items.